Hpusn BS01 10ft Adjustable Backdrop Stand for Photo Video Studio Backdrop Support System Kit
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  • Description
    Adjustable Photo Backdrop Stand

    Hpusn is Committed to Providing Photographers & Photography Studios with the Best Photography Equipment.

    Hpusn Softbox Collection | Accessories BS01: Background Frame is a Professional Photography Background Support System for Indoor and Outdoor Photography scenes Lightweight Portable, and Durable.

    PVC Backdrop Support Stand

    Hpusn BS01 background frame is used for modeling, fashion shooting, wedding baby portrait photography, e-commerce, product shooting, Etc. Improve shooting effects and facilitate post-processing.

    Backdrop Support System Kit

    1.Good Flexibility

    Aluminum alloy construction

    Adjustable height: min 2.3 ft(70cm)-max 7ft

    Folded height: 2.2ft(67cm)

    Adjustable width: min width 2.6ft-max 10ft

    The diameter of legs: Φ0.63" (Φ16mm)

    Net weight: 2.20 lbs (1kg)


    Help in the windy, unbalanced area photographic equipment stability.

    Saddlebag design for easy use. These sandbags are individually wrapped and can be reused.

    Sandbags are EMPTY. Can be filled with gravel, sand, rocks, or any other material to add weight.

    3.Heavy Duty Spring Clamp

    Ideal for stands, photo studio, background backdrop, woodwork, artwork

    Maximum opening 2-inch mouth 3.3-inch x 4.5 inch

    Strong and reliable

    4.Convenient Carry Case

    Premium Quality Nylon Material Easy to store and carry for outdoor shooting

    Photo Booth Backdrop Stand

    Easy to install, easy to use;

    Easy to disassemble, portable and lightweight;

    Double Rod Backdrop Stand
  • FAQ

    Hpusn BS01 Customer Questions & Answers


    1.Q: so when I order the green screen does it have to be the same length?

    A: It is best to be about the same size, so you can avoid folding or too small.


    2.Q: Can this be used for the movie screen

    A: No problem at all, the background frame can be suitable for various occasions


    3.Q: How much weight can it hold?

    A: Max Load Capacity: 10-15 lbs


    4.Q: How long does it take to assemble the background stand?

    A: it's a very useful product it did not take that much time to set up maybe 10 minutes, If you are proficient, it will take about 3-5 minutes


    5.Q: When fully installed what's the max height and width? And when buying backgrounds, what dimensions do fit on this background frame?

    A: The backdrop stand is with good flexibility. The height: min 2.3 ft- max 7ft, The width: min-width 2.6ft-max 10ft. As long as the background cloth is within the size range, it can be purchased, depending on your usage habits


    6.Q: Does this come with sand?

    A: The suit itself has no sand. If sand is needed to stabilize the weight, the sand may need to be obtained from the beach or in a store. Only sandbags are provided in the package, but there is no sand.


    7.Q: How do I get this adjusted to the minimum width with one pole as there is no hole for the big bracket screw?

    A: You must use two Crossbars to get the minimum width: 5.2ft (158cm)


    8.Q: How durable is this stand? Can the stands also be used as light stands?

    A: I don't know what light stand you are talking about, but there is no doubt that some decorative lights can be hung on it. As a background shelf, it is simple but strong enough.


    9.Q: Is the height and width 10ft?

    A: Both height and width of the backdrop stand are adjustable. Height: minimum 2.3 ft-maximum 7ft, width: minimum width 5.2ft-maximum 10ft.


    10.Q: What is the weight of this background frame?

      A: Estimate at around 7 lbs.


Hpusn BS01 10ft Adjustable Backdrop Stand for Photo Video Studio Backdrop Support System Kit

Hpusn Softbox Collection | Accessories BS01: Photography Studio Background Support System Kit for Indoor and Outdoor Photography Scenes with 4 Clamp, 2 Sand Bag, Carry Bag
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