Hpusn SB02 Pro Max 24x36 inches Softbox Lighting Kit (2 Packs), LED 48W 3 Colors Modes Dimmable Light for Photography & Home Studio
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    Brand: Hpusn Style: Business, Videography, Live Streaming, Makeup Application: Video/Photography Continous Lighting Solution, Business Product Photography, Clothing & Portrait Photography

    Hpusn Softbox Kit Series | Home Studio Basic SB02 Pro Max(2 Packs)

    Hpusn LED Softbox Lighting Kit

    ★ Hpusn Softbox Kit Series

    Adopts Scientific Optical Principles, is Carefully Designed and Uses High-Quality Materials, Which Can Produce Soft and Bright Light to Meet the Light Source Required for Shooting.
    According to the needs of different photography, we continue to upgrade and make breakthroughs in our products, increase the size of the softbox, replace the light source, and increase the choice of replacement color films.

    LED Softbox Lighting Kit for Home Studio Photography

    ● Upgrade Softbox

    In order to obtain a wider and softer light source, we adopted a large size of 24*36 inches to increase the irradiation area.

    ● Upgrade the Light Source

    In order to get richer light sources for photo shooting, SB02 Pro Max chose 48W Bi-Color Dimmable LED Light and added blue, yellow, and red filters, which makes shooting light sources more abundant.

    Hpusn Softbox Lighting Kit Installation Setup Tutorial

    ● 2-Color 48W Dimmable Led light

    48W Dimmable LED bulb with 2 color temperatures (3200K and 5600K); brightness (from 1%-100%) can be easily adjusted by the knob on the back.

    ● Upgraded 2-Power

    It is designed to be powered by an AC power adapter or NP-F550/970 Li-ion battery, so it can provide you with flexible lighting or outdoor photography.
    Note: The battery is not included in our kit and needs to be purchased separately.

    ● Built-In Cooling Fan

    The built-in cooling fan of the LED light holder can improve the heat dissipation efficiency during operation, improve heat dissipation during operation, and extend the service life of the light.

    Hpusn SB02ProMax Softbox Lighting Kit Unboxing
  • FAQ

    Hpusn Softbox Kit Series | Home Studio Basic SB02 Pro Max Customer Questions & Answers


    1.Q: I saw one kit like these from limo studio, the only difference is that this one is 5600k and the one from limo studio is 6600k which one is best?

    A: I personally purchased the Hpusn 5600k kit and I absolutely love it for all of my soft lightings. Outperforms kits I've seen twice it's the price in my opinion... I am not too familiar with the limo, but as far as 5600k compared to 6600k the difference would be color temperatures. 5500k being closer to pure white, and 6600k a little more towards a blue tint. You can Google the Kelvin color temperature scale for lighting to see the differences. I hope this was helpful.


    2.Q: Is the color temperature variable or does it go from 'warm' to'cold' with the flip of the switch?

    A: It is adjustable, adjust the color temperature and brightness according to your needs.


    3.Q: Dumb question but do these have to be connected at all times or do they have like battery power?

    A: Just cords to plug into outlets. Of course, you can choose to buy batteries. it is designed to be powered by an AC power adapter or NP-F550/970 Li-ion battery.


    4.Q: How far can these be angled? I plan on shooting cooking demos on a tabletop, looking down. Can I angle the light onto a table, or only straight ahead?

    A: The distance depends on the light requirements of the shooting. It can be angled a full 180 degrees or more. It is also related to the height of the tripod.


    5.Q: Does it come with two softboxes?

    A: Yes. Two softboxes, two bulbs, two light stands. Set up is really easy, no instructions required. I had mine up and ready to go in about fifteen minutes.


    6.Q: How high are the shelves on the softboxes?

    A: The folded height of the light stand is 19 inches, and the extended height is 71 inches.


    7.Q: For battery-powered lamps, does one lamp need two batteries? Does this mean I need to buy four batteries to make two lights work at the same time?

    A: Yes, if you need to shoot outdoors, the two softbox kits need 4 batteries; if you shoot indoors, you can use them without batteries, just plug in the power source.


    8.Q: Is there an owner's manual or instructions on how to put it together?

    A: The installation manual will be included in the product package. If it is lost or looks difficult to understand, you can contact Support or check the installation tutorial in the HPusn community.


    9.Q: How long can the lights stay on? I'm looking for something I can use for 2-3 hours at a time.

    A: Yes, this softbox is a constant-bright lighting device that keeps emitting light as long as it is powered on, My brother and I both make youtube videos, sometimes shooting can take 3-5 hours at times and they appear to have no issue with this.


    10.Q: How bright is this light? I intend to use it for portrait photography.

    A: It is definitely bright at its highest setting, these have a knob to adjust the brightness which I found incredibly helpful, I use this for my business, photographing clothing and it is wonderful to have the warm/cool light option as well. In fact, most times I need to turn down the brightness a bit, for a softer look.


Hpusn SB02 Pro Max 24x36 inches Softbox Lighting Kit (2 Packs), LED 48W 3 Colors Modes Dimmable Light for Photography & Home Studio

Hpusn Softbox Kit Series | Home Studio Kit SB02 Pro Max: 3200-5600K 48W Dimmable LED Light with Red/Yellow/Blue Filter for Studio Video Recording, Live, Portrait, Art, Fashion, Baby, Pet Dog Cat, Product Video Photo Photography
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